Wind Up
Table Lamp


  • Status: Prototype
  • For: Designer's Days 2012 - Dyson Showroom
  • Completed in: 2012
  • Copyright: © Julien Bergignat - PATENTED

With an ever-changing identity, our age makes us question our customs and our relationship to objects. To answer this, we adapt oursleves and imagine our new "Proust's madeleines," some real intelligent links between past and future.

The re-interpretation of ancient objects and uses, allows each person to identify himself, to dive back through the shape or function in an familiar imaginary. Calling those memories can affect in the user, he project himself inside the objet and then adopt it more easily. Wind-up has the ability to come stimulate our memory. It establishes a correlation between time and space from the here and now to the elsewhere and before.

It recalled these acts, seemingly insignificant, almost futile. But that can bring us a strong emotional charge and make us back somewhere in time, in a moment of our lives. Wind-up is a task light to blow! It refers to the bubble wand that we had children, creating a unique lamp. By occupying a unique place in space it offers value dreamlike and memory in the light. It refers to the word "Rewind", an allusion to childhood memories. Wind-up also refers to «move on», something that inspire tempo and rhythm, a nod to its principle of operation enabling it to light with a little wind.

The bulb shape is in itself suggestive of the bubble, but it is actually ephemeral, changing and colorful. Wind-up comes in a range of bulbs to craft profiles, more abstract but retain a strong symbolic. Designed in a spirit of simplicity and lightness, Wind-up attracted by its intuitive use. It offers another look at the luminaries of the habitat,objects that vehicles emotions.

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