Night lights range


  • Client: Kids Delight - KD Group
  • Completed in: 2016
  • Online: group-kd.com
  • Copyright: © KD GROUP - PATENTED

The TinyBoo night lights is a collection of lighting toys ideal for children from 0 to 3 years old that prioritize creating a better user experience than competitors. After analysis of the different environments the "lamps" would be used in, alignment with the KD brand vision, and careful consideration of innovative and human centered design, we imagined the line with both a strong visual style and little use tricks. Each of the product designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of modern kids bedroom.

Our main challenge was to create a whole new aesthetic that would differentiate the product from its competitors. The products of the range are not only functional but beautiful and become objects of desire.

The shape creates smooth volume for one of the most ordinary functions needed at night. The simple construction of the products help to make design accessible to the vast majority of users, considering the low cost of ABS plastic injected products.

TinyBoo line consists of (from left to right) a small night light, a "baby" oriented product to be hang everywhere, a portable lantern for grown up kids who wants to play the adventurer and a soft plush for young kids.

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