• Status: Concept
  • Client: Invicta Design Competition
  • Completed in: 2012
  • Online: invicta.fr
  • Copyright: © Julien Bergignat - PATENTED

The domestication of fire by man was a turning point in its history. It is now time to give it back its meaning as a "living object" of the habitat, an interior element with its place in the heart of our uses. The living space is moving increasingly towards scholars games of concealment, it offers the user to make the invisible visible in order to arouse his curiosity. This project proposes to support these new uses that reinforce the idea that the fire is and will remain central to our lives. Ignis is a Latin word meaning "spirit" and it is the spirit of fire that we have to transpose into a warm object. Beyond lighting and heating, it proposes a more dreamlike use, conducive to contemplation and interacts with the viewer. Ignis is a radiant stove, wanting revisit the place of fire insied the habitat. It offers an innovative design and is integrates it into warm life scenarios, and provides a scattering light, efficient, functional and emotional. Its intuitive use gives it a leading role in the development of rituals, as a storage for fire, a meeting point and a relaxation place. It can be used in a frontal configuration or as center part. Finally, his second skin allows it to distribute heat more gently.

Ignis acts as a filter of the light emitted by the fire, he then transcribed into a kind light protest. By delicate play of shadow and light its facade was designed as a living wall. It transposes the fire in a gradient of yellowish glow, sometimes vermilion, with fire sparks suspended in the air. The light is more or less diffuse, flickering and brief. Ignis steps forward as a true piece of furniture. As such it will shape the space as a main element, a module or a junction unit. Ignis is a volume with clear lines, a balance between minimalism and maximalism. Its sleek design has been especially studied to adapt to a variety of indoor environments and give a special note to the habitat. Ignis is a framework for fire, its pure line magnifies it and does not disturb the reading. It is an inside composition, a living nature, dramatized by light and modulated by the user. Its perforated walls work as a mobile veiling device. They hide part or every of the light emitted by the fireplace to create a scene and give a second graphic vocabulary to the object. These filters transform a screen flame in a mysterious light, playing on mobility flickering fire. The eye is drawn to the illuminated pattern, it is almost alive. A rail allows to slide the walls, prompting the user to interact with the fireplace. It can be fully visible, partially hidden, or completely hidden. Its appearance and proportions are voluntary based on home furnishings storage, like the sideboard. For this reason the upper plan can accommodate objects and the right side can serve as a reserve for wood logs. His cast iron feet bring him stability and lightness by taking its up off the ground.

Finally, the color is of fundamental importance in structuring our home, it allows the dynamic, it permits us to project our character and our emotions. Ignis plans to develop a custom range of colors to expand the vision of the stove in our mind.A blue calm and reassuring contrast with the strong character of the flames. A red symbol of vitality and power. A khaki green, a soothing and more natural color. A white bringing a spirit of relaxation and lightness. A black symbol of tradition, expertise and mastery of material.

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