Smoke & Fire Detector


  • Client: LifeBox
  • Completed in: 2013
  • Online: lifebox.fr
  • Copyright: © Julien Bergignat - PATENTED

In order to answer the need of the emerging market of fire detector in France, the company LifeBox needed something smaller, more elegant than the traditional fire detector and something that users would feel confortable to install in there home. The shape has been design so people can use a broom to shake the battery every year without taking risk going up on a stool.

Cosy is a Mini Fire Detector, with a diameter of only 70 mm. It is actually smaller than a light bulb! Imagined in three colors: full red for architect and designer with a funnier approach of the device, full white for people that want to personnalize there detector and white / brushed metal for people that want to keep it even more discret. Users can actually paint the front side of the device in order to make it adapt its environement perfectly.

The size, the surface and the holes density has been optimized in order to provide the best smoke detection possible. There was no compromize on the quality regarding its size. Small but powerful for a safe home.

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