For us design is a quest for meaning, a need to explore in depth our collective unconscious.

What we do

By dissecting and diverting our habits we compose parts of life. We create new rituals and experiences to live, each of them revealing the soul of the object.
Insight research
Through a user’s behaviors study and competitive audit we find out the right opportunities.
We map out scenarios in order to generate ideas and concepts that connect with users in meaningful ways.
Design development
We refine our ideas to their most cohesive form and design products that are simple without being simplistic.
CAD & Pre-feasibility
We build 3D virtual models to study and validate dimensions, parts, assembly, ergonomic and aesthetic.
With our partners and factories we work on mock-ups & prototypes that help fine tune the user experience and industrial design.
Design to Cost
We work together with our clients on analysing and refining the manufacturing costs until we reach both the financial and design goals.
Engineering liaison
We liaise with engineers and factories to make the dream come true. We follow up each steps of this critical phase.
Graphic Design support
Photo realistic pictures, identity, packaging, point of sale. The product physical expressions that communicate the brand expericence.

A Design Quest

Brand evolution / Corporate culture / Envision the future

Whether companies are evolving or are new to the industry. We help them clarify their need, define goals, develop a design strategy, create their product identity and envision the future.

Through an association, we will work hand in hand with you to develop your product offer and answer today's challenges.

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