"In Design, be logical, search for truth, be clear."

Quote by Massimo Vignelli (1931-2014).

Italian Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer & Architect.

About Julien

Eclectic / Curious / Pragmatic / Flexible / Reactive

Julien constantly feeds himself with everyday things, he seeks to cause the "extra-ordinary", the wonder induced by a mixture of daily and magic among the users. He provides precision and care to the conceptualization and technical development of the project so that these crucial steps give way to the experience and sensations.

Born in Clermont-Ferrand in 1985, he grew up in the heart of France. Wishing to transform his passion for drawing and his curiosity about the industrialisation of objects in a career, he quickly decided to dive into the world of creation. After a Bachelor degree in Applied Arts with honors, a Technician certificate (BTS) in product design, he obtained in 2010, a Master degree in Industrial Design with summa cum laude at L’ École de design Nantes Atlantique.

For him design is an everyday quest, that's why his professional experiences allows him to explore different design fields such as industrial products, limited edition, high hand as much as mass market objects, scenography and packaging design.


Objects that are working well, this is the minimum that a designer can do. But to sublimate this ambient functionalism it is important to know how to listen carefully and capture the essence of our time. We must be attentive to the needs and expectations. Be there to answer a physical, a practical and an emotional need.

What do we want the object to tell people? What emotion is he vector? The object does not replace the user, but accompanies the expression of his expectations, and use gives way to feelings. It can create worlds that echo, without becoming caricatures, while telling a story. The design is a quest for meaning, a need to explore in depth our collective unconscious by composing parts of life and by assembling them in order to build a project.

Based on an approach that is constantly dissecting and diverting our habits to create new rituals, his projects are experiences to live, each of them revealing the soul of the object. He does not like the idea that something is ignored because it is too functional, purely aesthetic or only technological. By not always making them equal, designer should point to one of these notions unexpectedly.

With experience and empathy, he starts each new project with the aim of meeting the expectations of the company he is working for, to help them meet the challenges of the XXI century.

Sometimes obvious, sometimes complex, his formal universe tends toward more pragmatism and adapts to the reality by preferring the practice of a simple design without being simplistic. He makes great the symbol: he calls people to use his object, to make it live and "grow old".

Words by Elodie Palasse-Leroux, blogger at Sleek Design, journalist & book publisher/author.


Awards / Talks / Events / Books / Press

2017 - EDspaces, Kansas City USA.

2016 - Top Pick Toy Fair, parent tested parent approved, Nuremberg Germany.

2015 - Active Magazine, France & Switzerland / DER GRÜNE GUIDE 2015, Austria’s Green Guide and leading book in Sustainability, Environmental Consciousness and Green Care / Polis - Magazine for Urban Development, Germany / Architektura Murator Magazine, Poland.

2014 - TV Show "Le Design est Partout" - ArTv produced by Trio Orange Montreal.

2012 - Member of the James Dyson Award jury, France / Designer's Days exhibition & scenography, Dyson Demo Paris / Lecture for Les Cafés de l'EcoDesign, Paris / Exhibition at the french Dyson Showroom (special focus), Paris / Design and Design Award / Trends Book 2012-2013 "Végétal & Jardin", by Chlorosphere / Design And Design - Book of the Year Volume Four / Les Echos, Sep 07, France, Generation Y / Confortique, France / Maison Créative, France / Journal Market, France / BBM News, France / Casa Claudia LUXO magazine, Brazil / Côté Ouest, France / Le Monde, 31 May, France / Design fax 803, France / Libération, 28 May, France / La Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot, France / Les Echos, May 21, France / IDEAT, France.

2011 - National Laureate of the James Dyson Award / Lecture for Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris / Label de l'Observeur du Design 12, APCI / Book ABC...Design, Les labels de l’observeur du design 12, APCI / Exhibition for Observeur du Design 12, La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris / Nominated for INDEX Award, Design to Improve Life / Design and Design Award / Exhibition at FIP Solution Plastique, The plastic Industry Exhibition, Lyon / Intramuros International Design Magazine N°157, France / New York Magazine, USA / L’Étudiant, France / Maison Française, France / Ouest France Newspaper, France / Art And Design Magazine (Academic Edition), China / Digger Mag, Italy / Provocateur, Germany / Arquitecture y Diseño, Spain / Wysokie Obcasy, Poland / Bomexer, Italy online magazine / Stutgarter Nachrichten, Germany / Plaisirs de Vivre, Montréal - Quebec.

2010 - Outdoor Industry Award / Nominated at "Les Entrepreneuriales" / Book Jardin & Design, Actes Sud Edition, from Marie-Haude Caraes & Chloé Heyraud, for the Biennale Internationale de Design of Saint-Etienne / Book Product Design in the Sustainable Era, TASCHEN Edition, from Julius Wiedemann & Dalcacio de Gama Reis / Book Design And Design - Book of the Year Volume Two / Exhibition Young Creators for Better City & Better Life, Cumulus 20th anniversary exhibition, Shanghai / NICE Magazine, South Africa / MADE, Italy / Maskepp Mint Masok (online magazine), Hungary / Marie Claire, Ukrainia / Glamour Magazine, Spain / Cheminée Française, France / Russian Reporter, Russia / Lohas, China / Marie Claire, Spain / Ming Magazine, China / Milk X, China / Side Magazine, Italy / Exklusiv, Poland / Season, Russia / Creative Home, Malaysia / Imobiliare, Brazil / Next Magazine, China / Kismet, February, UK.

2009 - IF Product Design Award China / Golden Pin Award Taiwan / Shortlisted at the BraunPrize / Design and Design Award / Sunday Times, Green Issue, UK / My Home, Special number, Portugal / Vida Simples, Brazil / Créanum n°139 November/December 09, France / Freelance Portfolio Magazine, Premiere Issue / Pluma Magazine, Uruguaya / UseFashion, Brazil / Caras Decoraçao, Portugal / AWM, Germany / Sunday Times Style, August, UK / Nanfangdaily, China / Vlast Deneg, Ukrainia.

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